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All competitions at Running Festival

42K Marathon

The myth of the marathon – 42.195 kilometers full of passion and tradition.

May 12 – 08:30

Sparkasse Half Marathon

The most beautiful running route in Salzburg - running pleasure from kilometer one to the finish.

May 12 – 08:30

Powerade relay marathon

Four wins - shared running experience means twice the running pleasure.

May 12 – 08:40

10K City Run

The marathon for lovers of short distances.

May 12 – 08:15

Salzburg Women's Run

"Woman runs" and "Woman walks!" in a sunset atmosphere.

May 10 – 7:15 p.m

Junior Marathon

Refreshing emotions, youthful lightness, real joy of movement.

May 11th – from 3:15 p.m

Summit Meeting

The ultimate experience in a beautiful natural landscape.

9 May – 09:00

Cup&Cino breakfast run

Sightseeing at a run with exclusive perspectives and breakfast enjoyment.

May 11 – 08:30

One Mile for a Smile – Inclusion Run

A strong message for peaceful coexistence, health and inclusion at all levels.

May 11 – 6:30 p.m


The event for all students. A team event in a friendly and atmospheric atmosphere.

May 8th – 6:30 p.m

entry fee scale

competitionuntil December 31, 2023until March 3, 2024to April 28, 20204Registration on site Last minute registration
Salzburg Marathon67 euros72 euros77 euros87 euros97 euros
Sparkasse Half Marathon56 euros65 euros72 euros77 euros87 euros
Powerade relay marathon 128 euros140 euros152 euros168 euros176 euros
Hervis-10K CityRun42 euros52 euros57 euros62 euros72 euros
Salzburg Women's Run33 euros37 euros41 euros47 euros 
Salzburg Women's Run (born 2005-2014)20 Euros20 Euros20 Euros25 euros 
Summit Meeting 29 euros32 euros35 euros40 euros
#OneMileForASmile27 euros27 euros27 euros37 euros 
Cup&Cino breakfast run27 euros27 euros27 euros37 euros 
StudiRun 60 euro
Junior Marathon 8 euro8 euro8 euro15 euro 

Note: All processing and service fees are already included in the entry fee.

Registration is also possible by post or email
After receipt of the payment (SportImPuls Verlags- & Marketing GmbH, IBAN: AT43 2040 4000 4075 0341, BIC: SBGSAT2S) you will receive the registration confirmation.

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