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2nd Salzburg AMREF Marathon (April 24, 2005)

The revenge of the former runners-up. One could call the second edition of the Salzburg AMREF Marathon on April 24th, 2005 in glorious weather like this or something similar. Because both the men and the women won the runners-up from the previous year. Josephat Kiprono Rotich was in a league of his own, as was Lucia Mwihaki Kimani. After 42.195 kilometers, Kiprono Rotich had a time of 2:21:46 hours, no less than 23 (!) minutes ahead of second-placed Wolfgang Millinger from Austria. Third place went to Armin Weißenböck.

In the women's race, Lucia Mwihaki Kimani finished in 2:48:20. She had to wait more than 13 minutes for the runner-up – Helga Rauch from South Tyrol. Third place went to Angelika Krug from Germany, another 22 minutes behind. Best Austrian was Astrid Steindl in sixth place. A total of 1,387 participants took part.

The route remained unchanged compared to the previous year. However, there were changes in the organizational structure of the event. Between 2005 and 2007, a working group consisting of the agency SportImPuls, AMREF Austria and ASV/ASKÖ Salzburg acted as organizers. The new organizer was Johannes Langer, who was born in Burgenland and has been living in Salzburg since 1989.

Results 2nd Salzburg AMREF Marathon:

1. Josephat Kiprono Rotich (KEN) – 2:21:46 hours
2. Wolfgang Millinger (AUT) – 2:44:59 hours
3. Armin Weißenböck (AUT) – 2:48:03 hours

1. Lucia Mwihaki Kimani (KEN) – 2:48:20 hours
2. Helga Rauch (ITA) – 3:01:37 hours
3. Angelika Krug (GER) – 3:23:41 hours

Results half marathon:

1. Caleb Ngetich (KEN) – 1:04:57 hours
2. Marco Sturm (GER) – 1:12:43 hours
3. Sinisa Marcetic (BIH) – 1:12:56 hours

1. Lucy Njeri-Muhami (KEN) – 1:17:54 hours
2. Maria Koch (AUT) – 1:23:48 hours
3. Renate Einfalt (AUT) – 1:26:05 hours

Side note: In 2005 there was a half marathon and three different relay marathons in addition to the marathon competition. The two ten-kilometer runs from the previous year were no longer included in the program.

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