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3rd Salzburg AMREF Marathon (April 30, 2006)

Also on April 30, 2006, the victory went to Josephat Kiprono Rotich from Kenya. After 2:27:42 hours he was able to celebrate his triumph at the finish. Almost three and a half minutes later, Gerhard Wörndl was the first Austrian to cross the finish line. Third place went to Herbert Gruber and thus also to an Austrian. After 2:56:31 hours the first woman crossed the finish line: Sabine Hofer from Salzburg. Exactly 20 seconds later, another Austrian, Ilse Wieshuber, followed. The podium was completed by Monika Schüßler-Kafka from Germany. A total of 2,302 participants were to be celebrated in Salzburg in 2006.

The run was also characterized by the low temperatures. When the gun started at 9:00 a.m., the thermometer showed just 4° Celsius, so even the sun couldn’t change much.

In 2006, in addition to strong Austrian performances, there was also a new, more attractive route. Among other things, Hellbrunner Allee and Hellbrunn Palace were integrated into the route. Whereas in the previous two years more of the north of the city was included, from 2006 the runners were able to explore more of the beautiful southern part of the city of Mozart. The new route made the Salzburg AMREF Marathon more attractive both visually and in terms of sport. Visually through the integration of more and more green areas along the route, sporty through the flatter course, which should allow ever faster times in the following years.

Results 3rd Salzburg AMREF Marathon:

1. Josephat Kiprono Rotich (KEN) – 2:27:42 hours
2. Gerhard Worndl (AUT) – 2:31:15 hours
3. Herbert Gruber (AUT) – 2:36:14 hours

1. Sabine Hofer (AUT) – 2:56:31 hours
2. Ilse Wieshuber (AUT) – 2:56:51 hours
3. Monika Schüßler-Kafka (GER) – 3:04:19 hours

Results half marathon:

1. Caleb Ngetich (KEN) – 1:04:51 hours
2. Christian Bründlinger (AUT) – 1:13:38 hours
3. Christian Hirner (AUT) – 1:13:48 hours

1. Jematia Chemaringo (KEN) – 1:21:10 hours
2. Birgit Koch (GER) – 1:22:32 hours
3. Lauren Martin (AUT) – 1:23:03 hours

Side note: The leisure run over a distance of 5.5 kilometers was introduced as a new competition in 2006. The aim of this competition was not so much the competitive character but rather the awareness of fun and joy in running.

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