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8th Salzburg AMREF Marathon (May 15, 2011)

May 15, 2011 was a tough one when it came to records. The organizers were happy about no fewer than four new records. On the one hand, runners from a total of 54 nations and all continents registered - never before has a running event in the city of Mozart been so international. On the other hand, there were 5,687 registrations, around 950 more than the previous record from 2010.

Two Kenyans provided the best sporting performances. Because both the men and the women set a new course record over the 42.195 km. Risper Kimayo smashed the best time of her compatriot Viola Bor-Chepting, which was only a year old, by more than four minutes. The clock showed 2:35:05 hours for her at the finish. At this point, Viktor Bushendich-Chelokoi had already been over the finish line for over 20 minutes. With a time of 2:14:49 hours, he was not quite four minutes below the old course record set by Mike Rotich (KEN/2007). On the way to victory, the 19-year-old Kenyan left Austria's marathon record holder behind. Günther Weidlinger finally came second in a time of 2:17:59 hours.

In 2011, the state championships in marathon running in the federal states of Salzburg and Lower Austria were also held in cool temperatures and drizzle. The winners: Karl Aumayr (2:23:50 hours/CLUB LaufImPuls) and Sabine Hofer (3:00:37 hours/LAC) for Salzburg, as well as Wolfgang Wallner (2:31:20 hours/LAG NÖ Mitte) and Marion Weiss (3:22:00 hours/ULC Klosterneuburg)

Results 8th Salzburg AMREF Marathon

1. Viktor Bushendich-Chelokoi (KEN) – 2:14:49 hours
2. Günther Weidlinger (AUT) – 2:17:59 hours
3. Micah Kemboi (KEN) – 2:21:36 hours

1. Risper Kimayo (KEN) – 2:35:05 hours
2. Sabine Hofer (AUT) – 3:00:37 hours
3. Tiziana Nesta (ITA) – 3:03:07 hours

Sparkasse half marathon results

1. Mirach Gidena Gebremedhin (ETH) – 1:03:53 hours
2. Benedikt Fritz (GER) – 1:11:28 hours
3. Peter Loacker (AUT) – 1:11:43 hours

1. Diana Chepchirchir Kibiego (KEN) – 1:14:36 hours
2. Marie-Charlotte Bonnaire (FRA) – 1:21:16 hours
3. Pia-Maria Thoma (AUT) – 1:22:30 hours 

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