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11th Salzburg Marathon (May 4, 2014)

The 11th Salzburg Marathon went down in Austrian athletics history: For the first time ever, a Kenyan became Austrian national champion. The one based in Klagenfurt Edwin Kemboi, who was granted Austrian citizenship a few weeks later, also won the overall ranking of the Salzburg Marathon.

In ideal weather conditions with a drying track and a cloudy sky after the night's rain, a dramatic race developed for the men. The two Kenyans Edwin Kemboi and Julius Koch had pulled away from the rest of the field early on, but around three kilometers from the finish, the two were no longer able to keep up their pace. With the last of his strength, 29-year-old Kemboi crossed the finish line just ahead of Koech in a winning time of 2:22:00 hours. came third Sammy Kiptoo, also from Kenya.

The Tyrolean runners Karen FridayCatherine Zipser and Andrea Weber ensured a triple success in the women's state championships. The experienced Friday, which is in the standings only the Kenyan Nancy Rotich had to admit defeat, celebrated her third state championship title in a row. She also won the first in this series in Salzburg (2012). For Nancy Rotich it was the third success in a row at the Salzburg Marathon, making the Kenyan the record winner of the event. In a time of 2:48:30 hours, however, she was unable to match the performance of previous years. In the men's category, Salzburg's Karl Aumayr and Robert Gruber took second and third place in the state championships.

The 11th Salzburg Marathon was held on the same route as the anniversary event last year. The start and finish area was again at the beautiful Residenzplatz in the heart of Salzburg's old town.

Results 11th Salzburg Marathon

1. Edwin Kemboi (KEN) 2:22:00 hours
2. Julius Koech (KEN) 2:22:02 hours
3. Sammy Kiptoo (KEN) 2:23:51 hours

1 Nancy Rotich (KEN) 2:48:30 hours
2. Karin Freitag (AUT) 2:49:45 hours
3. Katharina Zipser (AUT) 2:53:06 hours

Austrian national championship in marathon running

1. Edwin Kemboi (LAC Klagenfurt) 2:22:00 hours
2. Karl Aumayr (CLUB LaufImPuls Salzburg) 2:24:38 hours
3. Robert Gruber (Kolland Topsport Gaal) 2:24:51 hours

1. Karin Freitag (LG Decker Itter) 2:49:45 hours
2. Katharina Zipser (SK Rückenwind) 2:53:06 hours
3. Andrea Weber (SV Reutte LA Raiffeisen) 2:53:18 hours

Results Sparkasse half marathon

1. Wolfgang Stabauer (AUT) 1:13:27 hours
2. Klemens Bernegger (AUT) 1:13:37 hours
3. Alex Knoblechner (AUT) 1:14:04 hours

1. Maria Hochegger (AUT) 1:20:59 hours
2. Laure-Nicoleta Ghelmez (AUT) 1:23:20 hours
3. Eva Trost (GER) 1:24:17 hours

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