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12th Salzburg Marathon (May 3, 2015)

With a very emotional finish, local matador Karl Aumayr complained to the Salzburg Marathon about a memorable moment in the history of this event. Ironically, in his last marathon at a competitive level, the 2012 state champion celebrated his greatest success and was the first person from Salzburg to win a home win at the Salzburg Marathon.

In the pouring rain, Aumayr had already made the preliminary decision on the first lap and ran towards the finish line with a huge lead, which he did in a time of 2:26:08 hours. Overwhelmed by emotions, he let his joy run wild and couldn't hold back a few tears of joy. The fact that the man from Salzburg achieved the second slowest winning time in the history of the Salzburg Marathon played no role in view of these emotions.

The Ethiopian was just as dominant as Aumayr in the men's Shewaye Gemechu Debelu, which reached the finish line in 2:45:09 hours. For the Salzburg highlight in the women's marathon Sabina Hofer, which finished second in a run of just over three hours, making a successful marathon comeback. The victories in the exciting and good-class half marathons went to the Norwegian Martha Katrine Myhre and the Czechs David Pelisek.

6,545 runners out 67 different nations took part in the 12th Salzburg Marathon, which was held for the first time under the motto "get active days" and significantly expanded the variety of competitions. For the first time, the Salzburg Marathon organized an international sports fair in the Salzburg Congress, the SportMall@Salzburg Marathon, thereby also taking an important step for the future.

Results 12th Salzburg Marathon

1. Karl Aumayr (AUT) 2:26:08 hours
2. Michael Simmer (AUT) 2:42:17 hours
3. Luigi de Franceschi (ITA) 2:43:12 hours

1. Shewaye Gemechu Debelu (ETH) 2:45:09 hours
2. Sabine Hofer (AUT) 3:00:28 hours
3. Fruzsina Bekonyi (HUN) 3:01:42 hours

Results Sparkasse half marathon

1. David Pelisek (CZE) 1:10:53 hours
2. Stefan Linseder (AUT) 1:11:07 hours
3. Hans Mühlbauer (GER) 1:13:43 hours

1. Marthe Katrine Myhre (NOR) 1:19:17 hours
2. Angelika Tafatsch (AUT) 1:28:52 hours
3. Sonja Brandl (GER) 1:29:20 hours

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