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These were the running festivals in the city of Mozart around the 19th Salzburg Marathon (May 15, 2022)

After the longest wait for the next Salzburg Marathon in the history of the event of three years and numerous restart attempts in the meantime, which could not be realized, the running festival in the city of Mozart celebrated its atmospheric comeback on the third weekend in May 2022. After most of the legal restrictions in Austria as part of the anti-pandemic strategy were lifted, there was unusually little time for the organizers to prepare, especially for the runners. The fact that over 6,500 registrations were received for all competitions, including over 1,000 for the marathon and even around 1,000 for the junior marathon, was a remarkable success and a clear signal of how much events that emphasize and live the common good mood were missing have.

Building on the event concept of 2019, the sporting competitions took place over a three-day weekend, with the Salzburg Women's Run on Friday and the Bunte Sportpalette, a sports and exercise arena of sporting diversity for families and with strong support from Salzburg sports associations and clubs, on Saturday in the Volksgarten as well as the main sporting competitions on Sunday with the finish in the Hofstallgasse. The sporting headlines in the marathon were written by the new title holders at the ÖLV state championships: Mario Bauernfeind, who was also the overall winner of the Salzburg marathon, and Luzia Ludwig from Pinzgau, who benefited from the task of the Austrian marathon record holder Eva Wutti, who was suffering from health problems. Overall winner for women was the Hungarian Barbara Molnar, who only took the lead shortly before the finish line.

Hans-Peter Innerhofer provided a highlight from the point of view of Salzburg running in the half marathon. The Pinzgauer ran single-handedly to a personal best of 1:06:47 hours.

Results Running Festival of the City of Mozart 2022

19th Salzburg Marathon


1. Mario Bauernfeind (GER) 2:22:27 hours
2. Isaac Toroitich Kosgei (KEN) 2:27:01 hours
3. Georg Wardrobe (AUT) 2:29:11 hours


1. Barbara Molnar (HUN) 3:02:10 hours
2. Luzia Ludwig (AUT) 3:03:10 hours
3. Karin Freitag (AUT) 3:06:35 hours

Sparkasse Half Marathon


1. Hans-Peter Innerhofer (AUT) 1:06:47 hours
2. Jan Vetchy (CZE) 1:13:52 hours
3. Leon Fian (AUT) 1:14:08 hours


1. Verena Cerna (GER) 1:22:32 hours
2. Natalie Thompson (CAN) 1:25:45 hours
3. Clara Carste (GER) 1:26:36 hours

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