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These were the running festivals in the city of Mozart around the 20th Salzburg Marathon (May 21, 2023)

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Salzburg Marathon, the running events celebrated a strong increase in registrations compared to the previous year in all important competitions. Thanks to excellent, early summer weather conditions, runners from around 80 nations celebrated an atmospheric, extended running weekend in the city of Mozart. On the day of the marathon, when the high temperatures became a challenge, the Kenyans Simon Kamau Njeri (2:22:54 hours) and Dorine Jerop Murkomen (2:38:27 hours) provided the sporting highlights. In the Sparkasse half marathon, Cornelia Stöckl-Moser, who won the 15th edition of the Salzburg Women's Run on Friday evening, celebrated her comeback to the competition after having a baby and finished second behind the Upper Austrian winner Anna Pabinger (1:20:16 hours). The fastest in the men's Sparkasse half marathon was the Salzburg sports doctor Mahdi Sareban (1:12:08 hours), who just four weeks earlier had won the silver medal at the state championships in the marathon in Vienna. At the Hervis-10K Salzburg City Run, a chain of unfortunate events led to a misdirection, as a result of which a small group of runners shortened the route and had to be excluded from the ranking. All other runners missed a turn and ran about 550 meters too much, so that the competition was renamed a quarter marathon. Only the winner Markus Hartinger and the winner Annika Leineweber completed the ten kilometers correctly, accompanied by the race director's bicycle.

For the first time, the Salewa Summit Meeting, a speed hike for everyone from the Volksgarten up to the Gaisbergspitze, the highest point in the city of Salzburg, opened the competition weekend of the Running Festival in the City of Mozart. The public holiday on Thursday provided the stage for the premiere, which, despite short-term planning, turned into an atmospheric active day for over 130 health athletes. The new competition gave the diverse running festival new facets of sporting movement on the marathon weekend, embedded in an enjoyable experience of nature with an authentic mountain feeling. As has been the case for many years, Friday was all about the Salzburg Women's Run with an attractive supporting program a few hours before the start. The family day on Saturday was opened by the popular Cup&Cino breakfast run, almost 20 sports clubs and sports associations designed an eventful colorful range of sports, in the context of which the junior marathon competitions were held, which experienced a record-breaking last-minute registration. The emotional conclusion of Saturday was the OneMileForASmile - Inclusion Run by Coca-Cola.

Results Running Festival of the City of Mozart 2023

20th Salzburg Marathon


1. Simon Kamau Njeri (KEN) 2:22:55 hours
2. Yohan Zaradzki (BEL) 2:24:00 hours
3. Felix Buck-Gramcko (GER) 2:35:15 hours


1. Dorine Jerop Murkomen (KEN) 2:38:27 hours
2. Monika Rausch (GER) 2:58:08 hours
3. Martina Dannheimer (GER) 3:06:35 hours

Sparkasse Half Marathon


1. Mahdi Sareban (AUT) 1:12:08 hours
2. Dominik Hirczy (AUT) 1:13:02 hours
3. Christian Nagele (AUT) 1:13:53 hours


1. Anna Pabinger (AUT) 1:20:16 hours
2. Cornelia Stöckl-Moser (AUT) 1:20:49 hours
3. Sophia Wöhri (AUT) 1:22:01 hours

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Photos: © Salzburg Marathon / Alexander Schwarz / Wolfgang Huemer / Bryan Reinhart / Theresa Marka / Salzburg Cityguide

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