The conditions of participation for your performance at the running festival in the city of Mozart.

The general conditions of participation described below apply to all participants who start in one of the advertised competitions as part of the Salzburg Marathon.

Here you will find all detailed information about Data protection at the Salzburg Marathon

These conditions of participation regulate the relationship between the participants and the organizer. They are occasionally subject to changes in content. The version valid at the time of registration is part of the agreement between the organizer and the participants. Changes that are made taking into account the legitimate interests of the participants and that are announced by the organizer on the Internet or in writing will automatically become part of the conditions of participation.

By registering for the Salzburg Marathon, I acknowledge the organizers' exclusion of liability for damage of any kind. I will not assert any claims against the organizers and sponsors of the Salzburg Marathon, nor against the City of Salzburg or their representatives for injuries and damage of any kind that I may incur in connection with participating in the Salzburg Marathon. I am aware that the event will take place in all weather conditions. However, the organizer reserves the right to prematurely interrupt or cancel the race in the event of "imminent danger" such as heat, storms, acts of God, terror, etc., without any entitlement to a refund of the entry fee.
I declare that I have trained sufficiently to take part in this run, that I am physically healthy and that my state of health has been confirmed by a doctor. I agree that the data provided when I registered, the photos, film recordings and interviews I took as part of my participation in the Salzburg Marathon may be used in all media without any claims for payment on my part. I certify that the year of my birth given when registering is correct and that I will not pass my start number on to any other person. I am aware that I can be disqualified if I change the official start number in any way, in particular if I make parts of it unrecognizable.

Participation in a competition of the Running Festival in the City of Mozart using other sports equipment is not permitted, with the exception of walking sticks only in the walking competition of the Salzburg Women's Run, the OneMileForASmile and the Salewa Summit Meeting. Sports equipment of any kind that could affect the safety or health of participants or visitors to the event is not permitted to participate in the event. Participation with wheelchairs of any kind is not possible in most competitions for safety reasons. However, as with the InclusionRun, this is possible and desirable after consultation with the organizer and in compliance with special rules of conduct.

Our events are subject to the rules of World Athletics, the international athletics federation. In the responsibility for para-cycling, handbikes (paracycling) are subject to the rules of the UCI, the international cycling federation. Due to the very different safety requirements for cycling, it is not possible to take part in our athletics events with handbikes. Accompanying bicycles, inline skaters and other means of transport as well as taking "baby joggers" (walking buggies) or animals is not permitted and will result in the disqualification of the respective runner!

The organizer will inform the participants of organizational measures before the start of the event. The instructions of the organizer and his staff, who have been identified accordingly, must be followed. In the event of violations that disrupt the proper course of the event or endanger the safety of the other participants, the organizer is entitled to exclude the person concerned from the event at any time and/or to pronounce a disqualification. Legally binding declarations can only be made to the participants by the organizer's authorized group of people. This group of people also includes the members of the medical services supervising the event, who can also prohibit the participant from participating or continuing to participate in the event in the event of corresponding health signs for the protection of the participant.

Registration is binding and subject to a fee. If registered participants do not appear, there is no entitlement to a refund of the entry fee.

I acknowledge that the organizers of the Salzburg Marathon reserve the right to exclude me from the event if it is proven that I have violated the above obligations. (Note according to data protection law: Your data will be stored electronically.)

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