One Mile For A Smile

With every step, with every mile, you contribute to making children's lives safer and more valuable. Support one of the charity projects at #OneMileForASmile, the Inclusion Run by Coca-Cola on Saturday night!

The following charity partners were involved in the #OneMileForASmile 2023 with their charity projects.

Austrian Doctors

Austrian Doctors voluntarily carry out unpaid medical assignments in slums and remote areas in Kenya, Bangladesh, India and the Philippines and, with the support of local employees, specifically support children in their own educational institutions as well as adults.


"Get up and fly!" - With this guiding principle, we have set ourselves the goal of lovingly and caringly looking after children living on the streets in Ghana and giving them a chance for school and vocational training so that they can "fly" independently. learn.

Austrian Cancer Aid Salzburg

Our project "Mama, Papa has cancer" sets an example for our health and accompanies children, whole families or just the parents during cancer. We inform, clarify and help financially and with the processing of the many emotions and fears. 

Association Hiketides

The association Hiketides (ancient Greek for "protected") - psychotherapy for refugees in Salzburg offers psychotherapeutic and psychological treatment. The interpreter-supported offer is aimed at children and adults with traumatic experiences.  

Association Jojo

Around 18,000 children and young people with a mentally ill parent live in the province of Salzburg. The JoJo association offers resource-oriented support to stressed families in order to keep the children healthy and to enable them to develop positively.


panairobi is a registered, charitable association in Salzburg that takes care of the street children in Nairobi. Through donations and charitable activities, panairobi enables children from Nairobi's Mathare slum to get a school education, a warm meal a day and holiday care.

Gambia sponsorship

With targeted monetary and material donations, Anton Wintersteller supports the financing of the construction of a school in Gambia and needy families with school children with school utensils, hot meals and other important equipment for everyday school life.

Down Syndrome Salzburg

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