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Major sporting events such as the Running Festival in the City of Mozart entails some traffic restrictions. On Thursday, May 18 (Salewa GipfelTreffen), on Friday evening, May 19 (Salzburg Women's Run) and Saturday afternoon, May 20 (Junior Marathon, Bunte Sportpalette and #OneMileForASmile - Inclusion Run by Coca-Cola) there are no significant restrictions for motorized traffic as a result of the event (maximum short waiting times at Giselakai and on Friday evening on the roads with little traffic along the banks of the Salzach between Karolinen Bridge and Wilhelm-Kaufmann-Steg). During the Salzburg Women's Run, on May 19 from 7:15 p.m. to around 8:15 p.m., we ask the cyclists on the cycle paths along the banks of the Salzach to be considerate of one another so that all sporty Salzburg residents can travel smoothly on this evening can.

On Sunday, May 21st, Salzburg's streets belong to running enthusiasts from the city of Mozart, the state of Salzburg, the rest of Austria and dozens of nations worldwide. The 20th Salzburg Marathon brings the city the least traffic day of the year. We ask the people of Salzburg for their support and patience in the event of any waiting times - the most important information is available below. Mutual consideration and compliance with the instructions of the police and the route safety personnel are the prerequisites for a successful event. As soon as the last participants have passed a section of the route, the route is immediately reopened to traffic.

The traffic restrictions on May 21, 2023

Live update on secured and closed roads:

Running route & updates on Google Maps

The route for the Salzburg marathon, the Sparkasse half marathon and the POWERADE relay marathon is colored blue. It is closed from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and will then be opened to traffic as soon as possible.

The section colored red is part of the route for the Hervis-10K Salzburg CityRun. This section will be closed from 8am to 10:30am and will then be reopened to traffic as soon as possible.

Traffic on May 21, 2023 in Salzburg - information on closures and restrictions

The organizer of the Salzburg Marathon asks for your understanding for the traffic obstructions in the city area on May 21st, especially along the running route! In close cooperation with the Salzburg police and other authorities, the team of organizers tried to make the traffic obstructions as short and as little burdensome as possible for the people of Salzburg. At the same time, Salzburg presents itself as a sports city. Enjoy the fresh Salzburg city air on the day of the year with the least traffic and cheer on the sports enthusiasts!

Restrictions on public transport

Detailed information on the public transport lines affected by the detour in Salzburg will be available in the timetable information provided by the public transport company in the next few days Salzburg Transportation Association entered.

Special line network plan for May 21, 2023 to the PDF download (Source: Salzburger Verkehrsverbund)

Detailed information on the regional bus routes affected by restrictions and diversions (Source: Salzburger Verkehrsverbund, link will follow shortly)

Restrictions on motorized private transport

Here you will find general information about the traffic disruptions on Sunday, May 21st for PDF download

You can find one here List of stopping and parking bans on Sunday, May 21st for PDF download

Runners have priority on the streets of Salzburg on May 21st. In exceptional cases, crossing the course is ONLY permitted under the instructions of the marshals and the police.

There are hardly any traffic restrictions for anyone who is out and about on foot or by bike on May 21st. When crossing the course, we ask you to follow the instructions of the marshals and the police and, if necessary, to wait a few minutes.

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