Running Festival in the City of Mozart May 14th to 21st

Salzburg Marathon 2023

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Our competitions at a glance

Every runner will find the competition in which he/she feels comfortable within the framework of the Running Festival in the City of Mozart.

42K Marathon

The myth of the marathon – 42.195 kilometers full of passion and tradition

May 21 – 09:00 a.m.

Sparkasse Half Marathon

The most beautiful running route in Salzburg - running pleasure from kilometer one to the finish.

May 21 – 09:00 a.m.

Hervis-10K CityRun

The challenge for everyone who loves short distances!

May 21 – 08:45 a.m.


THE running event in Salzburg

As the largest active sports event in the province of Salzburg, the running festival in the city of Mozart, with its program and initiatives, with its role model and orientation function and with its platform, sends out valuable signals for health, well-being and in society.

  • International running festival for the whole family
  • Innovative, authentic & sustainable
  • The most beautiful running route, the most beautiful scenery
  • Family flair & unique running culture

woman is running! & wife walks! on Friday

Enchanting sunset atmosphere over the city of Mozart, a special mood among the participants and a whole afternoon dedicated to the joy of movement in women. This is the 15th Salzburg Women's Run, the culmination of a year-round inspiration of a health-conscious, active lifestyle.


An indispensable highlight of the running festival in the city of Mozart. The best orientation for the new active season. The sports fair for the Salzburg Marathon sees itself as a platform for companies and organizations from many areas related to and inclined towards an active lifestyle.

The Highlights of the Salzburg Marathon 2022

Great weather, the joy of the long-awaited comeback and the return of running emotions - the most beautiful impressions in three minutes.


Good preparation is half the battle

Are you ready for the 42K Challenge?

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